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What is EarthSave?
  • EarthSave leads a global movement of people from all walks of life who are taking concrete steps to promote healthy and life-sustaining food choices.
  • EarthSave supplies information, support and practical programs to those who have learned that their food choices impact environmental and human health.
  • We support individuals in making food choices that promote health, reduce health care costs, and provide greater independence from the medical system.
  • We raise awareness of the ecological destruction linked to the production of "food animals."
  • We advocate and promote a delicious, planet-friendly diet.

    Who is EarthSave?

    The EarthSave Louisville Board of Directors consist of the following members:
  • Nate Pederson, President, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director
  • Carole Bretschneider, Vice-President
  • Carolyn Dean, Treasurer
  • Melanie Smith, Director
  • Michael Friedman, Director
  • Sharon Adams, Director
  • Ryan Egly, Director
  • Lisa Underhill, Director