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Healthy Beginnings: A Course in Plant-Based Eating
Make a Healthy Beginning with
EarthSave's 'How-To' Course

Let's face it, choosing a plant-based diet can be a challenge. Most of us were raised eating a meat-centered diet, and the change can be a real shocker. Many people will have questions about meeting their nutritional needs and what to replace familiar comfort foods with. Shopping becomes a new experience, with a host of fresh ingredients and products forming the basis of your new diet. And getting a vegetarian meal at a restaurant can seem intimidating.

That's why EarthSave created "Healthy Beginnings: A Course in Plant-Based Eating." This fun and informative six-session course features discussions and demonstrations on everything from planning a healthy diet to shopping for new ingredients to cooking delicious (and sometimes decadent!) meals. By the time you graduate, you'll have the information, skills and confidence necessary to make a successful, permanent change in your diet.

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Class size is limited to 15, so register early by calling (502) 299-9520 or e-mail

To download the Healthy Beginnings Care Package, visit publications.

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Vegetarian Potluck
EarthSave members, visitors and guests get together over a meal to build community, experience great vegetarian food, and learn about (and hopefully get involved in) EarthSave's work. Everyone is invited, including people of all ages, families with children, couples and singles, members and non-members, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

To make the potlucks fun, informative and interactive, we have activities that will help you get to know the other folks there. We also provide some kind of programming to deepen your knowledge about your diet. Whether itís a film on vegetarian cooking or a speaker on gardening, youíll go home knowing something new and interesting.

Bring a vegetarian dish to serve 6, plus your own reusable place-setting. Admission is $1 with a dish and $6 without. Join us for this gathering at the Douglass Blvd. Christian Church (2005 Douglass Blvd.), across from Twig ní Leaf on Bardstown Rd. in the Highlands.

If you need recipe ideas, or have any questions about what ingredients are considered vegan, call EarthSave at 502-299-9520 or email .

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Peruse EarthSave's lending library or purchase a book. With everything from cookbooks to books on nutrition and environment, there are numerous titles to help you on your way to a better diet. (Click here to view titles.) Email to order.

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Take the VegPledge!

EarthSave invites you to take the VegPledge
The VegPledge is EarthSave's latest campaign to help people take a positive step toward a sustainable, healthy and humane diet.

The EarthSave "Healthy Beginnings" Care Package, contains support materials designed to assist you in achieving your goal.

Pledgers receive:

  • One free issue of Vegetarian Times Magazine.
  • Reduction of saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet!
  • A healthier planet by eating foods that use a fraction of the resources and create far less pollution than animal foods.
  • The satisfaction of reducing the demand for products that cause the routine inhumane treatment of animals!

Visit the VegPledge website to find out what other exciting things are in store for you upon completing your pledge and reporting your results to EarthSave!

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