What is EarthSave all about?

EarthSave Louisville educates people about the extremely powerful and documented effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and life of Earth, and encourages a shift toward a healthy, plant based diet--all within a local context.

EarthSave Louisville is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation;
PO Box 4397 Louisville, KY 40204

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Board membership: Carole Bretschneider, Carolyn Dean, Lisa Underhill, Melanie Smith, Michael Friedman, Nate Pederson, Ryan Egly,
Sharon Adams


When you bring in 5 unwanted t-shirts to the next potluck and pay $5, you will get an awesome low-carbon footprint (LCFP) EarthSave t-shirt (or free with a $20 donation).

2013 Calendar

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I. Main Potluck (2nd Saturdays)

II. Post-PotLuck Program (2nd Saturday)

III. Cooking Class (2nd Saturday)

IV. Dining Out (3rd Thursday)

V. Dining In Outreach (last Saturday)

VI. OUTINGS and Outreach Events

VII. (not applicable)

VIII. Events attended by EarthSave

IX. New Programs and Other Miscellaneous

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I. Potluck --Good food. Good chef-vibes. Good neighborhood setting. (#potluck)

Louisville's most famous Plant-Centric Monthly Potluck

2nd Saturdays, 6 - 8 p.m.

6 p.m. POTLUCK: Bring a plant-based dish (cooked or raw) for 8-12 people, your recipe to share, and your own utensils/plates/cups. Location: 150 State Street (United Crescent Hill Ministries; on the corner of Frankfort Ave. and State Street), 40206. (Across the street from the Printing House for the Blind.) Potluck is free, but donations suggested for rent. Newcomers are to call 502-299-9520 for a quick orientation/invitation.

II. Post-PotLuck Program (#program)

7 p.m. Following our thoughtfully prepared plant-based potluck (thank you everyone!), there will be a presentation this month on a useful theme for the community. Bring a pen--these are going to be good--or better yet, bring a video-recorder.
You will learn something if you attend--so come! and make plans to invite friends/relatives.
Announcements will be given (pertaining to healthy food and behavior change); everyone is encouraged to engage in networking and socialization.

8 p.m.-10 p.m. MIX, MINGLE and MUSIC:

-- Immediately after the speaker, we gently encourage that people intermix and generally socialize about the meal and foodism in general. -- Tons of on-topic books are naturally in the Reader's Corner; someone to be reading or discussing a favorite, aloud. -- Guitars and piano jamming in the mainroom. Discussing of future Earthsave "You know we oughta..." topics in the kitchen during clean up. -- Afterparties can always be held at places nearby. Let's make this kind of thing a habit!


III. "Veggie Table" Cooking Class (#cookingclass)

2nd SATURDAYS, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Same location as the potluck.

THEME: Basic Vegan cooking with a twist or two.

A local chef/cook will expand our horizons of knowledge and taste experiences. The health benefits and the positive characteristics of various foods will be explored. Earthsave has quite a growing list of awesome contributors to these monthly cooking class. Come, hear, chop, peel, blend--all at once. Classes starts at 4:00pm on the 2nd Saturdays of every month at the United Crescent Hill Ministry kitchen (150 State Street, LVL). Priced to encourage your enthusiastic participation--free! As always, our chef will be explaining, demonstrating, answering questions and engaging all participants about healthful recipes--helping us fuse the tasty, economical and healthy into beautiful creations. Come and see the marvel! Change starts from messing with things in the kitchen indeed! From beginners to experts --all have a place by the cooking hearth. Please bring your friends; they might thank you!

See, learn, taste, BELIEVE that great and inexpensive foods can be prepared with intelligence and nuance as part of a second-nature lifestyle! Get on board the "Health Train"! Healthy and vegan and free. She will be giving a demonstration of some of his yummy yet surprisingly inexpensive food preparation methods and recipes for anyone who wants to come. The space has a huge kitchen at the United Crescent Hill Ministries facility. Here's the thinking: If we spice plant-based foods in such a way that people love the taste...then we can put another nail in the coffin of "dead meat, inc." We only alott 90 minutes to learn. What a challenge--Let's do it! Potluck immediately follows.


GOAL: Healthy Cooking Demo/Recipe Ideas and Tricks, including those not found easily on YouTube or EarthSaveTV. You are welcome if you are interested in wholly plant-based cooking advice and demonstrations in a kind and nurturing atmosphere: Come away with recipes, know-how, having had a good time, and a sampling of good food. Afterward, stay for the potluck, if you like, and share your lessons and insights with others!

Check the website, and contact our office to sign up or for further information--but you can also just show up: louisville@earthsave.org or 502-299-9520



IV. Dining Out with EARTHSAVE (#diningout)

Please come along with us for our next Dining Out event at a local veg-friendly restaurant:

“Dining Out”

Every 3rd Thursday, we can all dine at a nearby, locally owned, plant-strong Restaurant, as usual...

Gather at 6:00 PM
Sponsored by EarthSave Louisville

Those interested in eating a healthy and delicious meal with Earthsave will want to attend our next locale

Most restaurants have things going for it....Let's find out what they are. Let's pick from their vegetarian menu. Sounds like an adventure!


Please RSVP to Sharon at 222-5115 or slrwa3@yahoo.com

Good conversations happen as a rule, since interesting people are likely to show up. Come out and give it a try!

Are you coming? Haven't you been waiting to invite a friend for a fun outing?

Check with Sharon if you intend to use a coupon or if you have any opinions about where to go in future ventures.



V. Roving Potluck (#diningin)

Thoughtful members of the public are welcome to join us on the last Saturday of the month at 6:00pm for a quiet evening of potluck and conversation at a "Friend of Earthsave" location.

Locations vary a lot, so check the website.

In general, this monthly, open Earthsave event is a random and meandering gathering of those who want to eat plant-based foods in various homes around the metro. RSVP for directions. Bring a dish of whatever you feel comfortable making--and let's celebrate it...and celebrate the virtues of good, thoughtful food. Extra credit if you bring sprouted beans/grains from your kitchen! Never been?--We want newcomers--and we treat you as if you're a lover of good food like us... :-)

Gotta love it! Gather with people who believe that food is a way to show you care--care about health, the planet, and sound ethical behavior. Just bring a salad, side-dish, main dish, or dessert-- or your favorite concoction-- That's why they call it a Plant-Based pot-luck. Let's pass around the vegetarian creations while we pass around a sensical, nurturing sense of well-being. Exchanging recipes and good-will sounds like a plan. Free; open to the public. A short presentation on interesting aspects of revisioning towards a plant-based diet and economy will be briefly proferred. These monthly meetings are held in a round-robin style that introduces concepts of plant-based foods in the comfort of someone's home, via example and discussion. Meet interesting people and get inspired in many areas--it all starts with you! Did someone just say "Let's play Veggie Charades"? Questions, RSVP and ideas can be fielded by contacting louisville@earthsave.org or a call/text to Nate at (502) 299-9520.

Mark your calendars. As always, it should be an awesome event.

If you have a home that can accommodate up to 15 people, then consider hosting one of these events -- just contact Nate--It's really fun to be in other people's spaces while sharing good food. Start talking to your peeps about it today.

Find out what EarthSave is all about and what we can all do to tilt the planet back on its feet using the fork as a lever! Just a beans-and-rice dish or the more elegant soy-cheese ratatoille type dishes--both have full play here. Short video or brief discussion of recent informative scientific or culinary article. Typically, this meets on the 4th (or last) Saturday for dinner... Getting involved involves you!



Periodic events reach the community like nothing else. Some of the questionnaires we ask are fun and enlightening.

Questions or interested? Call Nate at 299 9520 or email at louisville@earthsave.org

EARTHSAVE PLANNING On the last Tuesday of every month, people who care about Earthsave Louisville will gather to steer the boat, 'man the oars', and such. At 6:15pm, we usually gather for a potluck at the Highland Green Discovery Center right next to the Highland Cleaners at 1401 Bardstown rd (between Cherokee Pkwy and Eastern Pkwy; across from Day's Coffee). Then at 6:45pm we can plan the strategies and implementations for possible upcoming events. If you can eat and talk, we want you to come and participate in "All Things Earthsave!". Or just come at 6:45pm if you eat elsewhere. Venue details here http://www.thehighlandgreen.com/discovery-center.html

EARTHSAVE OUTINGS: Look in Facebook under Earthsave Louisville Group


VII. "not active" Potluck (#event)


VIII. Events Attended by EarthSave (#volunteer)

--3rd Tuesday, 6pm Raw Food potluck at Core Wellness 246 Spring St., Jeffersonville, Indiana

--"15th Day" and 15,000 Farmers Event. On the 15th day of every month at 6pm. Check Facebook for locations; often at the St. Ann's Dismas Center at 1515 Algonquin. Potluck.

Louisville Vegetarian Club creates monthly events. Information is available on Facebook and here: http://louisvilleveg.weebly.com/



IX: New Programs and other Miscellaneous (#misc)

Raw Challenge Group
This group has been meeting periodically to support the excellent decision to eat vegan and eat raw. Next meeting is being coordinated by Carole and David Bretschneider's home. Contact chbret@bellsouth.net or 502 893 5954 if interested. As usual, these events are free and most definately worth your time.


Sunday Night at the Movies: South Bardstown Rd Earthsave Dessert Potluck
Remember Sunday Night at the Movies? (I do). Earthsave's newest potluck addition will be at the Highland Green Space next to the Highland Cleaners on Bardstown Rd near Eastern Parkway. This space includes a huge screen for enviro/health/eating movie night--monthly on selected Sundays. Let's face it: We live in a world that loves movies because they are so good --and easy to love! Prepare to be inspired--it's a pleasant way to wind down your weekend.

Send us your ideas for movies -- These events are usually on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month. Snack/Sweet food sampling and discussion starts at 6:30pm and the movie starts at 6:45pm. The twist on this potluck is that it will be for plant-based, yummy snacks and desserts. (Did someone say "homemade vegan popcorn"? or raw vegan pie? or kale chips? or vegan-cupcakes-that-take-over-the-world?) If you come without any food, that'll be a $2 suggested donation, please. (#movie)

Movie Night is a great way to try out new recipes and to get recipes from others! Also a great way to watch trendy and relevant flicks. Email Nate at louisville@earthsave.org if you have a great DVD that we could borrow for a showing. The facility is great for movies, with grounds that are spacious and inviting. Power to earth-lovers/dessert-lovers/movie-lovers! Oh, and last month was "tight"--so let's keep the momentum roaring!

Brooding and such

Send in your best tasting vegan recipes to louisville@earthsave.org where we will compile them, and others from potlucks into a virally marketed, local cookbook. Note that our website now has a "Recipes" link! Or just post your recipes to the playspace/sandbox "WIKI" at http://mediawiki.metageny.com/wiki/Main_Page

Read the latest ranting and whinings (sic) from the annals of the BLOG for Earthsave Louisville.

Rainbow Blossom: There is a feedback/questionnaire online link for Rainbow Blossom if you have an idea to share with them. Rainbow Blossom was selected as LVL's best Health Food Store. Their Lexington Ave store has a farmers market on Sundays from 12-4pm.

Whole Foods Louisville has some nice programming: Whole Foods 28 day Engine 2 challenge: Going Plant Strong with confidence. From Whole Foods Louisville Facebook page: You asked for it so we're doing it! We start our next Engine 2 28 Day Eating Challenge soon. We'll offer 5 weeks of recipes, nutritional sessions and great food. Orientation-May 31st, meetings every Tuesday in June at 6pm. Register at customer service:502-899-5545. However, ensure food purchased at Whole Foods is labeled "organic" if this is a priority for you--Caveat preemptor.

Kroger: Support Earthsave by using a Kroger sponsor card. Learn more about this program at the potluck; it's a win/win program from Kroger, recently voted as in the top 20 for most reputable mega-company on Earth. (Kentucky is listed in her 2008 Sustainability Report.) This card is rechargeable, works like cash, and is usable at Kroger where 4% of gross sales is donated to EarthSave but costs you nothing. Charge it up anytime, and use it to buy anything, even gasoline. Works like a debit card. See Carolyn Dean for details and the card at the next potluck.

Yum Brands and UK Coach Calipari are continuing their partnership to encourage healthy nutrition and exercise. www.keepitbalanced.com They say, "We want consumers to make informed choices about their balanced diet and incorporate exercise into a healthy lifestyle" and "Eat more vegetables, grains and fruit" and "Substitute cheese and cheese sauces for vegetables or salsa." Praise their efforts by emailing them. No kidding; really! Email them! (Harvard now proclaims cheese/dairy is not part of a healthy diet; why is Yum! still selling this stuff in spades?)

Value Market: Locally owned and totally committed to serving our community. Love them with your business. They can do better community outreach, though: http://www.valumarket.com/valumarket_history.htm and Earthsave can help them--of course!

Trader Joe's: Newest food store in town with lots of opportunity to dialogue with them about cost, value, wages, and local awareness.

Creation Gardens: Buy veggies in bulk online and pick it up downtown the same day. http://www.whatchefswant.com

Walmart is the nations largest grocer. How do we want to collectively encourage them to steer their food-boat?

Help EarthSave administer and broker deals for turning a few abandoned lots into food production units (e.g. community gardens). Bodies and minds needed now.

Now that some have seen the movie, Food, Inc., a film that lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the [fact that] our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations... it is now time to sign their petition for healthy school lunches (quick_click).

Next time you eat out, ask if the restaurant participates on the ESL "10% off on veggie items". If they don't, ask if they want to--then let ESL know so we can setup the deal with them. Win/win/win/win--everybody. Check-out participating restaurants discounting EarthSave Members.

Preview the list of available DVD's from EarthSave on the ESL Forum under Health and Wellness. Look for an annotated bibliography of awesome YouTube sites in our forum too, including The Meatrix and EarthSave TV.

Invite your friends to join the Earthsave email list by visiting HERE then pasting their email address and clicking the box "EarthSave Louisville ENEWS". Viral movements need your fingertips. Membership to EarthSave is available there too.

Do you have any time to give to EarthSave? How about "microvolunteering" (i.e. very small monthly online tasks that act like Lilliputians for a big effect.)? Any wish to do pro bono professional volunteering? Please hail us; projects starting continually. mailto://louisville@earthsave.org

Earthsave University ...Would you like someone from Earthsave to present the interactive Earthsave perspective at your church, community center, gathering club, teacher inservice? Would you like a cooking demonstration at the same time? Contact us! 5022999520 and mailto://louisville@earthsave.org This is what's worth everyone's attention. Call now!

Career Development: What do you want to augment your resume with? There are so many projects, it's compellingly amazing. Work with hands, money, computers, media, graphics, art, craft, various demographics and locations, food prep techniques, engineering calculations, hob-nobbing with the rich and famous. Dare us to make you great on paper...and great in your heart.


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twitterPlease follow and re-tweett ways to get involved and informed. But if you really want an easy by following us at twitter.com/earthsave_LVL. You can also join the fun by hash-tagging "#esltweetfest"


There really are so many grea button, just call 299-9520 or email louisville@earthsave.org for a quick orientation.

EarthSave Louisville is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation; PO Box 4397 Louisville, KY 40204 louisville@earthsave.org