What is EarthSave all about?

EarthSave Louisville educates people about the extremely powerful and documented effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and life of Earth, and encourages a shift toward a healthy, plant based diet--all within a local context.

EarthSave Louisville is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation;
PO Box 4397 Louisville, KY 40204

January's Rove-Around Potluck

Dining in homes around you!

Saturday, January 30th 2016 at 6:00 PM

Location: Someone's home close to the freeway

On a Saturday in the last (or first) weekend of the month, an EarthSave Louisville-sponsored Rove-Around Potluck is held which consists of a dinner potluck with friends and fellow plant-loving feasters from Earthsave!  The idea here is that Earthsave hosts a potluck with veggies at 6pm -- and you are welcome to bring your latest culinary creation (or old-standby)-- and a friend or two or twelve.  Eat and enjoy conversation.  Anyone welcome; just tell us you're coming.  

Come to hear stories of what is going on in people's lives that involves vegetables and things--and come with your own stories:  We love to hear them!

Invite your friends so that they get an idea of what plant-based food is all about. Come for socialization, earth celebration with song and instrument, and healthy/tasty food. You get the idea -- 1) eat well 2) exercise 3) have fun 4) be mindful 5) create memories, etc. Please RSVP to 502-299-9520 to be assured that we look for you. The EarthSave ultimate goal is for everyone to improve their diets continuously, all the time, and forever (or a reasonable facsimile), and this is daunting and mischieviously unattainable (tee hee), so we will make sure to bring a spirit of levity and perspicacity, as usual.

The Usual Plan for this event:

Folks bring food of the plant-based variety (and if from your garden: that's good, and if from heirloom plants: even better, and if heirloom and organic and raw: that's the best and well deserving of a group hug--but we accept all-comers). Try out new recipes and share your cooking attempts; we want experts and beginners to share both food and stories. Let's see your plant-based dish creations from your new cookbook that you may have grabbed from the library...or just make your "old faithful" and tell us why you love it so much. Take time to make a potluck item in the afternoon and then feast mightily on a plant-based meal in this awesome space. Join us at this event (open to the public). Leadership will make attempts at bringing up interesting, late-breaking news tid-bits from the world of food that will be thought-provoking but not morose.

This is a free event and you are welcome to bring a plant-based dish of your choice. A potluck means that you bring food for 6 - 8 people to enjoy; or 10 - 12 people if you are feeling magnanimous; of 13-15 if you are crazy gracious. If you can bring your own placesetting, that's also thoughtful.

Every monthly open-to-public Earthsave event is a gathering of folks who want to eat plant-based foods with like-minded people. We welcome Seekers who want to know more about eating plants but haven't made the commitment yet. We answer all kinds of meaningful food-related questions--and bring up even more! Open-season on discussions of the interplay between systems of agri/ eco/ fiduciary/ sustainatory/ risk-reliability/ protohealth/ DIY-strong/ speciesism/ tribalism/ shamanism/ kitcheny-witchedy-tricks/ educatory/ ethic-mores/ recipe-itis/ etc.--"Typical Earthsave stuff".

Bring a dish of whatever you feel comfortable making--and let's celebrate the virtues of good, thoughtful food that is wonderfully lowest on the food chain. Come and be convivial!


Gotta love gathering with people who believe that food is a way to show you care--care about health, the planet, and sound ethical behavior! Just bring a salad, side-dish, main dish, or dessert-- or your favorite concoction-- That's why they call it a Plant-Based pot-luck. Let's pass around the vegetarian creations while we pass around a sensical, nurturing sense of well-being. Exchanging recipes and good-will sounds like a plan.

To address questions, to get the exact driving directions, or to give your RSVP's and ideas, please contact Nate at louisville@earthsave.org or call/text him at tel://502-299-9520. Mark your calendars for the last weekend of the month. As always, it should be an awesome event. Find out what EarthSave is all about and what we can all do to help tilt the planet back on its feet using the fork as a lever! Getting everyone involved involves you!

...Proving over and over again that veggies/vegan foods are supremely tasty when made with love!

This event, like all EarthSave events, are free and open to the public; absolutely.

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EarthSave Louisville is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation; PO Box 4397 Louisville, KY 40204 louisville@earthsave.org