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Welcome to EarthSave Louisville ...

EarthSave Louisville educates people about the extremely powerful and documented effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and all life on Earth, and encourages an ever-transitioning shift toward a healthy, plant-based diet.

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Saturday,  March 13, 2010 
(second Saturday of every month)

EarthSave Louisville will be hosting our monthly potluck event at the German-Paristown Neighborhood Center (next to St. Therese Catholic Church.) Church parking lot across the street and on-street parking. Look for the EarthSave banners; at 1094 E. Kentucky St., 40204. This is a new location.

EarthSave Louisville's Phytophile* Potluck-- Saturday, March 13th, 6-8 p.m.
Come for the food; stay for the inspiration.
* Phytophile: Plant-loving

6 p.m. POTLUCK: Bring a plant-based dish (cooked or raw) , your recipe to share, and your own utensils/plates.  The serving table is always "The Bomb".

7 p.m. PROGRAM: Our environment matters; and humans have an impact on it. Lobbying warrior, Tom Fitzgerald, will describe what just happened in the recent quest in Frankfort to make our society and earth a better place. As the Executive Director of Kentucky Resources Council (, Tom will report whether Kentucky lawmakers moved the needle in a positive direction. Come and find out. Tom has periodically spoken at Sierra Club and EarthSave gatherings for quite some time--at just the right time. Come with questions and a pen to write down actions to take. Will the legislators really fix mountain-top removal? Will they accelerate green technology? Will "burgoo" be voted as the new official state food?

8 p.m. MIX, MINGLE and MUSIC: At 8:15pm, private conversations can occur with the presenter, also a helpful scientific nutrition article will be reviewed, furthermore a discourse about food/animals/planet ethics will be in the portico. Bluegrass music will be in the spacious kitchen during clean-up. Riveting vignette videos to expose but not overwhelm will be previewed. The raised bed garden 10 feet from the the front door will be espied and discussed. After-party at The Swan Dive, a vegetarian restaurant, 1 block away!

LOCATION: Paris-Germantown Neighborhood Center, 1094 E. Kentucky St. 40204. Next to St. Therese Catholic Church. Look for the raised bed gardens out front.

2010 Per Person Cost:   $3 with a dish to share or $8 without a dish to share   Kids under 5 are free. Bring a complete place-setting with utensils for a price reduction of $1 per person  


The monthly EarthSave Louisville Vegetarian Potluck is always held on the 2nd Saturday at 6 p.m. Mark your calendars!   

"Eat and Learn!" The potluck event is a great way to swap recipes, meet like-minded people, and hear the latest news on this cutting-edge lifestyle. Bring your business cards and little black book.

There's always lots of delicious food. Ingredients are displayed. Bring your camera or pen as culinary memory jogger, try to find the creator of your favorite dish and thank them.

EarlyBird Special -- 4:00 PM

" Veggie Table" Cooking Class

Seeing is believing...So come and see at 4:00pm on Saturday, March 13th. Our culinary ChristopherColumbus board member Ryan Egly will make a vegan concoction before your eyes. Will his ingredients be costly? Will the difficulty be untenable by most? Will it take all night to whip up? No. No. No. No need for cheese, meat, eggs, or cream to make things delectable. See this!

Come every month at 4:00 pm to watch and learn from a rotating line of proficient cooks that can show you how to be successful, healthy, and savvy in the kitchen on a budget with little or no incoming skills, while maintaining a fully-plant-based diet--whether cooking for 6 or alone. This event is free and awesome: There's always room when you want to learn.



Volunteer Orientation
Are you interested in volunteering for EarthSave? Join us to learn more about our mission and how you can make a difference by getting involved. Do we want you? Of course! Do we need you? Of course!


Healthy Beginnings
Make the transition to a healthy plant-based diet by registering for Healthy Beginnings, EarthSave's "How-To" Course for people who want to eat well for their health, the environment, and all life on Earth! Held monthly just prior to the potluck. Learn More . . .

Take the VegPledge
We invite you to take the VegPledge. Did you know Mondays can be Meatless? Tuesdays can be Turkey-free? Wednesday's can be white-meat free? Thrive on Live Thursdays (raw food)? Cruelty-free Friday's? Click here for more information about the campaign designed to help you achieve your goals! We're in this together one day at a time.

EarthSave International
Visit our parent organization, EarthSave International (also a non-profit 501(c)3) to see why we're here, where we've come from, advice for good vids and books to take in, how to connect broadly, and more. Here's a Video from the founder.

Imagine a world...
Imagine a world... where the land is fertile, the water is clean, the air is fresh, and all are fed. EarthSave helps make this world a reality by promoting the benefits of plant-based food choices for our health and our environment. Let's discuss the activation of this imagination on the local ESL forum.